Jerrold Lee Shapiro, Ph.D.
Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Professor, Santa Clara University
Author & Speaker


Speaking and Workshops

Presentation on What Boys Need regularly draws large enthusiastic audiences. The workshop begins with a focus on how well girls are doing in current school and social environments. With an eye towards keeping the very necessary gains for girls, the presentation then turns to how boys are being left behind in these same environs. Specific boys' needs are identified and recommendations made for parents and teachers.

Presentation on the college transition "Surviving Senior (and Junior) Year" is addressed to parents of high school juniors and seniors. In 2 or 3 hour workshop, the truth and myths about college choices and admissions are examined. Strong recommendations and plans for parents are offered and methods for reducing the inevitable anxiety about this transition are explored. When this workshop is presented in local high schools if frequently fills the auditorium

Parenting as a Team is a two hour interactive presentation on how fathers and mothers characteristically approach parenting differently and how couples can best maximize the strengths of the inside-out and outside-in approaches.   

The Seventh Inning Stretch - What happens after Midlife
and how you can make those years uniquely productive and enjoyable. This is a new workshop based on Dr. Shapiro's upcoming book with Impact Publishers.

Professional Workshops:

Presentations to professionals at local, regional, national and international conferences include a variety of clinical psychology themes. Recent workshops have been focused on

  1. Psychotherapy with Men
  2. Existential Psychotherapy
  3. Resistance in Psychotherapy
  4. The Post-Midlife Transition
Family Business Consultation

Dr. Shapiro consults regularly with family businesses both in transitions, such as from one generation to the next and those anticipating such transitions in the next five years. Experts from psychological, legal and business fields work as a consulting team with principals, stake holders, related family and those who are working directly in the business. The goal of such consults is to help families in businesses tease out the family issues that might leak into the work and work issues that can harm the family. The team is constructed specifically for each unique business. Sometimes, the need is for operations work, other times for new visions to adjust to changing times, other businesses primarily need assistance with family conflicts or early planning for the generational transfer.

We try to help companies avoid the common maxim in family businesses in America, "coveralls to coveralls in three generations."  Typically, consultation is relatively short-term involving a team of one to three consultants.

Dr. Shapiro has consulted with businesses as small as mom and pop companies and as large as the United States Air Force (PACAF) and Large Cap corporations.

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